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Chords of Content

The Crossroads of Music and B2B Content

Who Are We, and Why Are We Doing This?

While working as content writers for a leading enterprise technology company, we met and discovered our mutual love of writing and music. Through the years, we've had countless hours of conversation about how to make content better—and how we could share what we've learned in an entertaining way. Together, we discovered that there were valuable content writing lessons in the songs we loved. This discovery launched the beginning of Chords of Content.

Through words and music, we are telling stories and sharing tips that are designed to help both content writers and businesses alike. We hope you'll stay plugged in as we take you on a musical journey through the art and science of B2B content writing. 

Denise Hamilton
B2B Content Writer and Music Lover


My Favorite Concert

In 1969, The Rolling Stones were on their “comeback” tour and my older teenage sister gave me two tickets to the late show. The opening acts were BB King and Ike and Tina Turner – this was their era of “The Thrill is Gone” and “Proud Mary.” The Rolling Stones jumped onstage at 1 a.m. and played until dawn (pretty sure that would be illegal now). Walking out of the arena into the morning sun, I knew I’d just experienced something epic.


Why I Like to Write

It’s satisfying in a very personal and intimate way. Writing calls on deep thinking, my playfulness and an analytical side of me that loves a good puzzle. I also look for – even crave – finding the creative angle in even the most dense B2B subject matter. Writing is hard and it takes time, but dang, when it’s good it feels awesome.


How Music Is Like Writing

It’s all about the experience. Whatever you create in a piece of content or music has a unique intention. It’s to express an idea or a feeling at a moment in time. When I reread things I wrote years ago, initially it feels dated and light-years behind where I am today. But that’s on the surface. At its heart, good content and music stands the test of time. Tapping into the universal human language is timeless, no matter what form you use to express it.

Julie Levitch
B2B Content Writer and Music Lover


My First Concert
Although officially my first concert was Sammy Davis, Jr., I was only five, and I fell asleep before he sang my favorite song at the time, "Candy Man." My next concert was far more meaningful; it was The Village People with Gloria Gaynor as the opening act. Although I was still a kid, I instantly "got" the magic of live music during this show. Five thousand people chanting "Y-M-C-A" simultaneously will do that. Since that pivotal moment of my youth, I have been fortunate enough to experience hundreds of concerts and see performances from some of the world's most talented musicians, including one of my all time faves, Leo Sayer (see photo to the right).

Why I Like to Write
I've always had thoughts and opinions in my head that I felt compelled to share. Writing lets me do this. While most of my time is now writing about complex technologies, I still get a thrill with having others read what I write. As Denise says, writing is hard, but there are few things better than writing something that helps, informs, or even entertains someone else.

How Music Is Like Writing
I read aloud everything I write. Why? Because sentences have beats and rhythms, just like music. Good marketing content should have a consistent, almost percussive beat, punctuated with hooks that grab attention. If I feel like something I've written sounds off-kilter or rhythmically inconsistent, I'll keep working on it until I get it right. I imagine this is not unlike the process of songwriting.



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